Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Melaka cinemas

Melaka have 3 cinemas, two GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) and one MBO. Previously there used to be an old Cathay cinema near Jalan Hang Tuah bridge. But now it's run down and replaced by big, modern looking cinemas such as GSC and MBO.

The MBO cinema is one of the latest cinema in Melaka. Many of the locals prefer to go to MBO which is located in Melaka Mall (a shopping mall). MBO or used to be called Kotamas is just opposite to Jusco and there is a overhead bridge connecting them. Apart from being convinient (less jam) the parking there is also free.

Besides MBO, there are 2 GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) in Melaka; One located in Mahkota Parade and another in Dataran Pahlawan. Dataran Pahlawan GSC is newer, bigger, have nicer design and seating if compared to GSC Mahkota Parade. Also, the price is usually more expensive by RM1, a reasonable price to pay if you want a more a better cinema experience.

Book ticket in GSC Melaka Cinema?
Usually there you no need to pre-book cinema tickets in Melaka. Unless you want better seating or if the movie is on weekend or a new release, you could book it online or through phone, just to ensure there is a movie to watch when u reach the cinema.
Here's the step on how to book GSC cinema ticket:

  1. Register at GSC website to book online or use phone reservation(Tel No.:06 – 2810018 for GSC Dataran Pahlawan and GSC Mahkota Parade)
  2. book at your desired time, date, number of seats and movie (TICKETS ARE OPEN FOR RESERVATION AND PURCHASE TWO (2) DAYS BEFORE THE DATE OF SCREENING)
  3. Take note of the confirmation number
  4. Collect the movie ticket based on the confirmation number at GSC reservation counter at least 45 minutes before show time. Otherwise, the ticket will be open for sale again.
  5. Pay money and enjoy your movie

Also, now you can direct buy GSC Movie ticket online. This way, you can choose the seating you like and it is not required to collect the ticket 45 minutes earlier as the ticket is already sold to you.But take note, you need to pay RM1 processing fee.

As for MBO, I've have not heard whether booking is allowed. But you can see the movie show time in MBO website.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fishball noodles with prawn crackers in Batu Berendam cheaper?

Remember the savoury and crunchy prawn crackers in Tengkera fishball noodles? Well, there is another shop also selling the their version of fishball noodles with prawn crackers in Bachang, Batu Berendam. The stuff they serve together with the noodles such as fishballs and fish cakes are almost similar. But, the one in Batu Berendam, the prawn crackers are more to the crunchy side and they are more generous by putting more of then in a bowl of fishball noodle as compared to the one in Tengkera.

fishball noodles prawn cracker batu berendam
Medium bowl but lots of prawn crackers :p

The Batu Berendam fishball noodles with prawn cracker comes in 2 sizes. Big and medium. But I do feel that the medium here is equivalent to big in the Tengkera fishball noodle. Felt very full after eating the medium size one but enjoyed the very last bits of it. Come to think about it, the one is Batu Berendam price has increased quite a lot. It is now RM3.50 per bowl. I remembered it used to be just RM2.50 a few years back. If compared to Tengkera fishball noodle, i now prefer here although the one in Tengkera used to be my favourite. They really need to do something to improve their quality to attract the old and new customers. As for the fishball noodle in Batu Berendam, i personally feel that the soup taste nicer and i feel like there are more ingredient. Just one comment, they might just use a bit too much on MSG.

fishball noodles prawn cracker batu berendam
Fishball noodles with prawn cracker shop in Bachang, Batu Berendam

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Best fried noodle in Melaka - Mee Hassan (Update)

Remember the post about the best fried noodle in Melaka "Mee Hassan" aka "Mee Ganja" as it is so nice that it is almost addictive? I did mentioned that, that shop is strictly for breakfast rite? Well, there is an exception, during the puasa month but minus the week before the Hari Raya, they opened at nite.. yes it's true. Apparently many of the local knew about it and so the place is also quite packed at this time too. At nite, they opened from 8.30pm to about 11 pm.

Also, a not so good news is that they have increased the price of the noodles and egg by RM0.10. Yikes...

Putu Piring Tengkera

Putu Piring is local Malay delicacy. It uses rice flour with palm sugar or 'Gula Melaka' in the middle. There's one particular shop in Tengkera that really excel in cooking it. Well, they are even featured in a local tv show and came out in newspapers. The uniqueness of this shop is that the putu piring made there is relatively larger in size compare to other shops or stall and they use a lot of the gula melaka and freshly grated coconut. Combination of these ingredients makes the putu piring one of the best you can find in Melaka or maybe, in Malaysia too?

Here how they cook their putu piring: Rice flour is placed in a mould and then the 'Gula Melaka' (quite alot) in the middle. Then top with another layer or or rice flour. Putu Piring is cooked in special a 'steamer' for about 5 minutes. After it is done, the owner sprinkled a generous amount of freshly grated coconut on it and placed a square shaped banana leaf on it. Finally, the putu piring is turn upside down and tada ~ A hot and steamy and ever delicious 'kuih' or cake is done.

If you follow a food tv show "Taste with Jason" or "阿贤人情味" previously, you might see before an episode featuring this stall. Here's video of about it.

Price: RM0.70 per piece
Putu Piring Tengkera
No 252, Jalan Tengkera,
75200 Melaka,
Tel No.:06-282 1505
Opening hours:6.30pm - 10.30pm(or once they sold out)
Open everyday except on Sunday.
GPS location: N2 12.062 E102 14.351

Yau Char Kwai or Chinese crullers at Jalan Bendahara

Chinese crullers or better known as Yau Char Kwai in Cantonese or You Tiao in Mandarin by the locals, is a long double strips of dough connected in the middle which is deep fried till it's golden brown. If you are interested in knowing it's history and origin, you can look in Wikipedia here. It's quite interesting.

What defines a good you tiao or yau char kwai? Well, my definition is that it must be soft and fluffy in the inside and crispy in the outside. Also the taste and aroma also important.

One of the famous You Tiao in Melaka is the one in Jalan Bendahara, Melaka which is located along the road heading to Dutch Square. Some locals nicknamed the you tiao here as 'Emas' which means gold. The perfected golden brown color of a deep fried You Tiao might be the reason and the aroma is just unforgettable. The texture is not soft but a little chewy. But its this is definately a must try!

you tiao jalan bendahara

you tiao jalan bendahara

Wanton noodles in Bukit China

Wanton noodles or wantan mee is normally what I order when I can't decide what I want to eat(but only applicable in Melaka...below is the reason :D). Wantan noodle one of my all time favourite food since small. Especially the version in Melaka. In Melaka, the wanton mee is more spicy because they usually put a little bit of chili paste and mix it together with the mee or noodle.

However in other parts of Malaysia, such as KL, the wanton noodle is a little different. They usually use roasted pork instead or 'Char Siew', the noodle sauce black in color, no minced pork and ultimately, they don't mix the chili paste with the noodle. Almost gave me a culture shock when i ate my first wanton mee there, haha. But i do think that the roasted pork they use tasted much nicer compared to 'char siew', but that's all. If i have to eat wantan mee from other place than in Melaka, i usually take more pickled green chili to add the spiciness to the dish. Luckily, all version of wanton mee have the pickled green chili :D

wantan mee bukit china
Simply delicious

Yesterday, I went to a Wantan mee restaurant in Bukit China. My dad claims that they serve the best Wanton mee in Melaka and really, the taste and texture of the noodle beats lots of their competitors hands down. The restaurant usually flocked with customers during weekend and their service is quite be slow during that time. We had to wait a few minutes for them to take order from us(after being seated) and another 20 minutes before being served. Other than that complain :P, the food is good.

wantan mee bukit china
1 bowl has 3 wantons

Price: RM2.50(small), RM3(medium), RM3.50(big)

wantan mee bukit china
Bukit China Wan Tan Noodle Shop

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Malim curry rice aka 'Jonker curry rice'

Curry rice might not be as famous as chicken rice ball or sate celup in Melaka, but this particular shop in Malim, named Ji Chang Jie Curry Rice or Malim Jaya Curry Rice, is definately one place you should drop by. Here the curry is flavourful with its spices and have only light coconut milk. The pork meat is so tender that if almost melts in your mouth. Here, the curry is serve with combining with the soy sauce and star anise stewed eggs and the tofu. The licorice flavor from star anise enhances the taste of the eggs and tofu. Combining both sauces, it is like a match made it heaven.

curry rice jonker malim
Can you resist the temptation of this curry rice?

curry rice jonker malim

This shop has a history for about 50 years and is originally from Jonker Street. I came to know about this shop in Malim after my dad brought us there for breakfast a few years ago. According to few peoples I talk to, most of them are the older folks in Melaka:P, they often refer it as 'Jonker Curry Rice' and back in those days they have a lot more customers than they do now. I guess one of the major reason is the location. I must say that by foot, Malim is a bit out of reach to go from Melaka town and the other tourist attactions centralized there. With that aside, they do have a lot of loyal customers, often old customers and their families that come to "pong chan" (meaning something like help to give them business by eating there, hard to translate, but something like that la...haha :P).

It has been about a decade since they had shifted to Malim. Rumours has it that it was due to the hike of the shop rent caused by the 'Jonker Walk' project. Ok, enough with the history and let's talk about the food. I'm feeling abit tired now... so I'll say it in one sentence, "you'll just need to try it once and the food itself will the do the talking for you". Also, look at the photos, how can you resist it.

curry rice jonker malim
Look for this signboard

Location Address:
Ji Chang Jie Curry Rice,
G-11 Malim Jaya,
Melaka, Malaysia

Opening hours: 8am - 2 pm everyday except on Tue and Thur (close).

Price : RM3.50 per person (Rice + curry chicken and pork + some vege)
RM1.00 per egg in soy sauce.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Melaka 5 star latest hotel deals

To enjoy more in Melaka and if you have those extra bucks to splurge, staying in 5 star hotel might the just be the secret to a great holiday. I did some checking on the latest best deals on a few of the 5 star Melaka Hotel. Below are what I've found so far but I'll add more soon. Just for your information these are the most famous hotels in Melaka and location wise, the most strategic; near to town, places of interest and also the glorious food :)

Renaissance Hotel : Early Bird Savers Promotion
For reservation your room by 9/20/09 . Stay period starts from 8/13/09-9/30/09.
Rates from: RM180 
Valid Through: September 30, 2009

Equtorial Hotel Gateaway Package
Stay from RM268++ per room per night and get RM88 credit daily to spend at any of their food and beverage outlets. 

Bayview Hotel : Ramadhan Family Package
Package includes:
2 days / 1 night stay in a Superior Room
Buffet Breakfast OR Sahur for 2 adults & 1 child
Ramadhan Buffet Dinner for 2 adults & 1 child
RM250++ per package
Package is valid from 22 August to 18 September 2009 (except for 12 September 2009). 

Best Bak Kut Teh in Melaka?

bak kut teh ah lang
Bak Kut Teh with yam rice and 'yau chai kwai'

Bak Kut Teh is probably my dad's favourite food. Although I do think that PORK cooked with ANYTHING can my dad's favourite food, haha. Bak Kut Teh is basically a pork dish cooked in herbal soup. This dish make a hearty breakfast or dinner for many pork lovers especially in the Chinese community. Although the best Bak Kut Teh in Malaysia is probably located in Klang but, here in Melaka, you can't deny that there are still some selling reasonable good and tasty bak kut teh. If you're still wondering what is bak kut teh, check out more about it in Wikipedia here.

In Malaysia and Singapore, you can find about 3 variants of bak kut teh. These 3 variants are Teochew style which have clear and peppery tasting soup, Hokkien style which have darker and saltier tasting soup as they usually add soy sauce and Cantonese style which has more stronger medicinal herbal flavoured soup. Meanwhile, there are also some shops or their cook decided to they own variant and created dry bak kut teh. I've yet to taste it but from words of mouth, it is quite good. You can read it about it here.

bak kut teh ah lang
Glorious pork and soup

Now, you might wonder where's the shop is the photos from rite, no? haha. Anyways, this bak kut teh shop is located in Taman Melaka Baru in Batu Berendam. If you are coming from town you'll pass by Infineon (a big electronics factory in Melaka) on your left and about 500 meters more, keep on the lookout for the signboard "Ah Lang Bak Kut Teh" on your left. It is just beside the main road, so you can easy spot it.

I quite like the bak kut teh served here. The soup is ok but pork meat is very tender. Must have cooked it under a slow fire for quite some time. Meanwhile the yam rice contains lots of small chucks of yam, that is quite salty but if eaten together the soup and pork, it tasted just right. Too bad the 'Yau Char Kwai' or Chinese cruller fried bread stick is not crispy as I like it to be.

Price: About RM9 per person (includes everything you see above).

bak kut teh ah lang
Ah Lang bak kut teh shop